Our Soap

Handmade artisan soaps

We offer a natural-based soap that brings awareness to local initiatives through plant-based colourings and essential oils. We sell soaps in three different variants: Unscented, Eucalyptus, and Lavender. Click on the link at the bottom to buy now through PayPal, or contact us through splashja2020@gmail.com to place a custom order! Our deliveries take place each Saturday starting April 25th.

15% of our profits are donated to three local organizations: PlantForever, Centre for Autism Services Alberta, and the Mustard Seed!

Looking for a way to keep your skin feeling new and clean? Our unscented soaps are made with exfoliating chia seeds that will leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. As a bonus, after your hands are clean and healthy, you can grow the seeds embedded inside to leave some lasting freshness in your life.

Want to get a fresh start to each day? Our natural eucalyptus soaps will ensure you start off each day with a splash of energy. Using the soap reveals a hidden seed capsule within that you can grow in soil or water to drop some green into your morning routine!

If you're looking for some floral scents to clear your head and relax after a long day, our lavender soap is for you. The natural aromatic essential oils will provide you with calming and soothing benefits that will improve your well being, and the seed capsule within will make sure that your inner peace can bloom. Notice: our lavender soap will turn blue when exposed to sunlight.

Simple and refreshing soaps

Every bar is embedded with a package of microgreen seeds that promotes environmental consciousness. Using our soaps slowly reveals this small packet, allowing you to easily plant the seeds using a simple hydroponics system without the need for soil. Our soaps are also gentle on the skin, as they use natural ingredients without the use of preservatives and chemical additives.

We are no longer accepting payments! Thank you for your support throughout the program.