Our mission statement

Our journey is to create a splash—promoting the wellbeing of the individual, community, and environment through natural artisan soaps.

Let's make a splash!

Here at Splash, a JA Company, we believe that our soap shouldn't just feel good, they should do good too. A portion of each sale goes back to local charities and ensure that your purchase is always going toward a charitable cause.

Each of our soaps is made from 100% reused or reusable resources that protect the environment as well as your personal hygiene. We offer a variety of colours and scents that are connected to local charities.

Inside each bar is a capsule of chia seeds that ensure that sustainabilty goes beyond just reusability. Simple to grow in soil or water, our seeds can drop a splash of life into your home or workspace.

Here at Splash, we put your well-being first. We believe that the first step towards a healthy lifestyle is good personal hygiene, which is why we've hand-picked essential oils that will leave your hands feeling clean and your mind feeling free. Their gentle aromas will calm and soothe, giving you a helpful break during a busy day.

We hold our products to the highest standards. Handmade using quality soap base, organic dyes, natural chia seeds, and essential oils, we ensure that each soap will be personally unique.

Supporting local communities

Our business goes beyond our handmade artisan soaps. By being involved in local charities through volunteering and spreading awareness about global issues, we hope that the splash we make will ripple out to you, your communities, and the world. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback! Buy now through our products page below.